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Devils Advocate
02-18-2013, 02:52 PM
I have run MW on an Iphone 3g for years..I wanted to upgrade to be able to join factions. I couldn't update the new app so under advisement I went for an uninstall-reinstall..unfortunately removing MW caused a massive crash on my phone only cured by doing a full factory restore. No problem I thought I'll download the latest MW app job done. Except I tunes won't let me me update the IOS to a new enough version to download the latest MW app....No worries I thought I'll sync the old app from Itunes..except the ONLY 2 apps not in Itunes...Modern war and kingdom age....I'm stuffed. :mad:

I can't get MW back on my phone....wtf am I going to do? I started playing this game to see how far I could get without spending any money..I started playing on facebook years ago and then moved to the app as soon as it became available..I got to level 46 with Def 25000 att 25000 IPH 575000 with 2 AC's....the last one gained through hours of fighting and just before the deadline...I have over 1500 raids with only 1 failed and over 1700 battles with about 70 lost...I was going well and I am now simply gutted and don't know what to do for the best. I have emailed Gree but am not sure when I will get an answer.

Can I install my stats on a newer model phone? This could be an answer as I could possibly find a friend with a newer Iphone and just get it set up on there so I don't lose all my info until I can afford a newer phone myself? Will the server hold on to my info and if so anyone know for how long??

I can't lose this game now I have invested way too much time in it as I play it 4-5 times a day...Anyone got any ideas or help they can offer..getting desperate

02-18-2013, 04:33 PM
I have good news and bad news for you! Bad news you got to upgrade your iPhone, good news if you can upgrade your modern war app will install and all your things will be there...

02-18-2013, 04:36 PM
If you have your code (the one you use to add allies)
send a ticket in & they should be able to tranfer the data to a new phone that has a freash copy of Mw on it.
The more info you can give support the better chances you have of a faster transfer.

my iPod got stolen i set up a new copy of Mw on a new one,sent the info in & 4 days later it got transferred,support wasn't so back logged back then so it might take longer.

02-18-2013, 06:19 PM
you can do the following:

- find your iphone's udid
either like this: http://www.innerfence.com/howto/find-iphone-unique-device-identifier-udid
or with a plethora of other tools (google for "iphone udid")
i suppose you could even get it from a backup if you lost it or it is damaged.

- get an iphone to fake the udid on and install mw.
from what i understand mw uses the device's udid to determine the account. with a jailbreak you can install a udid faker or spoofer from cydia to change it to your old's phone udid. again, google is your friend. from what i saw it doesnt work on ios 6 as of yet, so if that phone has ios6 you might have to wait a bit because the ios6 jailbreak is very new. but for a <ios6 jailbroken phone this should be no problem.

King little fruit fly
02-18-2013, 06:26 PM
That is why my LLP is not joining the WD pain yet running on an iPhone 3 until the HD iPad mini.

American Capitalist
02-18-2013, 06:52 PM

Devils Advocate
02-19-2013, 10:47 AM
Guys thanks for your help..currently looking for a free Iphone...lol..I moved over to Galaxy note when my free upgrade was available and am running MW on Android as well..but only around level 26...Glad that it seems I will be able to get my info back though god knows where I am going to get the money for a new Apple product..

Anyone know how long the info might be held on the server??