View Full Version : Top 100 looking to fill 4 spots!

02-19-2013, 05:06 PM
Top 100 faction has a few spots to fill! With the war over and you know whether or not you where happy with your current faction. We will be looking for fun active players, stats will need to be above 60k att and 60k def and you will be expected to donate blocks and money for fortifications! If you a gold player great but if not thats ok to. This is a fun group that enjoys playing this game! And we want you to be apart of it also!

Casualty rate +15%, health regen +22%, ground att +10%, air att +15%, infantry att +15%, sea att +15%, infrantry def +25%, ground def +25%, air def +25%, sea def +25%, building def +25%, building output +20%, guild member increase +35, and we have a high stat defense leader. This is a very active good that's fun to be around! K1NG Faction code 235536108

PM me if interested!!