View Full Version : Special forces SAS recruiting TOP 500 Brazil Top 250 Greenland

02-19-2013, 11:26 PM
I have Slots opening up for serious regular players who want to WIN. PM me your stats or your WD points won during last campaign(s) and your Alliance ID. I will not send you our stats, we finished 498 in Brazil and had over 975000 WD in Greenland check the board if you need confirmation or my unit inventoryMY allaince code IS 468 601 811. I will invite you in for interview, You Must NOT have Faction connection when you apply, you will be brought in and examined , post your stats and or WD in forum DO NOT contribute concrete or money until confirmed you have been excepted. OR LINE UP OUTSIDE THE FACTION AND WAIT TO BE INTERVIEWED. THAT IS ALL TROOPERS!