View Full Version : Usual Suspects: One Spot Open (25th in Brazil, 40th in Greenland)

02-20-2013, 11:53 AM
Usual Suspects (25th in Brazil, 23rd in last PVP, and 40th in Greenland)

We have one spot open on our 46 member capacity faction. Great group, extremely active. We've only lost 3 members to other factions in 3 months (we have booted about 25 due to not meeting minimums)...a testament to how much people love our faction (despite numerous offers from top 3 factions). We average about $250m and 200 concrete blocks per day, and in total have accumulated over $9B in donations.

We're looking for daily (if not hourly) players who are active and friendly. Greater than 80k Attack/Defense, greater than level 150, and willing to spend a little gold on wars (e.g., Some gold bars or a vault, think of it as buying a PS3 game once a month, for the amont of time you put in). We also have a minimum donation of $2m per day (we average over $5m a day per member).

Message me if interested.