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02-20-2013, 02:51 PM
Are you unhappy with the faction you are currently in? If so, join the X-Men! *We placed 564th during Brazil, 451st during Greenland and are shooting for the Top 100 in the next. *During the last battle we identified some dead weight that was not contributing to the fight and have since removed them leaving us with some open slots. *You have been identified as a potential replacement based on your stats and apparent dedication to succeed. We are currently at 31 of 32 authorized members.
*In terms of faction bonuses, we have:
+14% Health regeneration
+10% Infantry defense
+10% Ground defense
+5% Air defense
+15% Building defense
*If interested, please post stats and ID# or enter invitation code 628 139 786. *Hope to hear from you soon. *X-Men Unite!