View Full Version : Guns, Guts, and Glory also known as team 3-G is recruiting active members. low req's

02-21-2013, 08:02 PM
We have spaces to fill fast, looking for extremely active daily players.
We are players who left our former factions due to disorganization and a ton of dead weight players.
There will be no dead weight in this one, everyone is highly active and dedicated to doing the best we can in the WD events.
We are only a few weeks old and already have:
+15% Building defense
+15% infantry defense
+10% ground defense
+5% air defense

We placed just out of the top 1,000 last event with only 8 players, and would like to find more players like us to reach the top 1,000 or better this time around.

Our main requirements are:
that you're an active player who checks in daily (preferably several times a day like us)
you donate daily (most of us try to do 2 mil a day, but some of the lower level players do at least 250k a day)
obviously you have to be over level 10 to even compete in the pvp events (we keep getting requests from players under level 10 for some reason)
you must provide your email address so we can communicate with you through our group email (we also share strategies and tips frequently to help each other get stronger)

We don't care if you're a heavy gold, or no gold player, or anything in between, and we don't care if you're a camper (as long as you donate daily and participate fully in the PVP events). We just want dedicated players who are very active and want to be part of an organized faction of players who use teamwork and strategy to place as high as we can in the WD events and get some beastly units as a result. Having fun is really important, we take it seriously and try our best, but we still like to have fun!

So if you don't have a faction, or are having trouble with your faction, or feel like you're doing all the work while dead beats sit back and reap the rewards, then come join team 3-G, we are looking for you!

invite code = 370-367-116