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02-22-2013, 11:59 PM
Hello! I am trying to form a higher level guild, you dont have to be max level, but you do need to fit some requirements.

What you need:
1. To be an active player, activity is the most important quality for a successful guild.
2. To post on our wall so we know you are active. a.k.a. Post when you donate
3. Donate often, we don't have a set minimum, but will create one when we find a good average people can meet.
4. 100,000+ attack 100,000+ defense, if you are a little under on one and over on another you can talk to me and see if you can be a fit. If the numbers seem high, please keep in mind I am allowing people with lower stats then myself at this threshold.
5. NO DRAMA, we don't want anyone causing problems so please be friendly and a pleasant member. Not following this rule will get you removed.
6. Members MUST befriend all other guild members, so we don't attack each other. Please post your code when you join, and add each member that joins after you when they post their code.
7. Must want to have FUN. As much as this guild will be serious about winning, I think it is best to emphasize that we want to have fun. After all, it is a GAME.
8. The 500 allies rule: If you have less than 500 allies you absolutely MUST have a higher avg. att and def then most of our members. This is because the only information you will have when battling is your enemies name and # of allies. If you have less members you will automatically become first target, this is why below 500 ally members must have better stats. Remember that you will be getting how ever many people are in the guild added to your allies too.(If your something like 499 total don't worry so much about it, I'm not an stickler. DO realize though, that you will be a target.. meaning extra loss of troops[you might as well get 500])

This Guild is relatively new compared to the others out there, if your looking for a guild with tons of members and bonuses, that isn't us... yet.

Since I don't have much going on with bonuses yet, I want to share the plans I have for upgrading. I have already dealt with guilds in Modern War and have found that members are actually the MOST important upgrade so there will be an overwhelming amount of member upgrades first, as the number of attacks in battles is very low, the more members you have will define your placement in the leader boards. As well as that, we will get more donations with more people.

Casualty rate will be a secondary priority as well as Health Regen. You will be losing many units in battle, and Health Regen will allow you to beat more timed Quests ultimately giving you more indestructible units and more money to spend on other things.
Upgrade Time will be more important than Upgrade cost.
Energy Regen will most likely be last priority because of the price it will be, and just the fact that the other Bonuses are more important to our success.

I am always open to members ideas on anything so don't feel this game plan is set in stone.

I'm very optimistic for this guild, and I am ready to get this guild up to the top!

Guild Code: 874-741-384
Game ID: 615-386-271

I look forward to all of the members joining, and can't wait to see our success!