View Full Version : Immediate openings for a top 250 team

02-23-2013, 04:20 AM
We just placed 250 in BfG, was 500 in BfB, but removed 3 no shows. We require 2 million daily donation, 50+a/d and participation in events, unless you are unavailable, which simply requires notifying someone. Gold play is strictly a personal decision. I am a top officer in Black Ops #1. You can check the BfG winners post by CJ for our 250 spot. We have 37 of 38 members, 4 of 5 health regen, 10% building output, 10% building def, multiple defense bonuses, attack bonuses, additional 5% ground defense and 3% building upgrade time reduction. We have a great core group with excellent communication. We have 1 immediate opening, and probably 2 additional very soon. So, if interested, and have a friend or two with similar interest in a faction, you will be very happy with us.

Faction id is 144-976-580
My id is 526-732-951