View Full Version : the Replacement Killers has open spots!

02-24-2013, 05:58 AM
A newly formed faction made up of strong players from other factions tired of pulling all the weight has limited spots a available for serious mature hourly and daily players looking to make a serious push for the top 250. We are very active and cooperative in our forums, we are currently building our fortifications and bonuses for Egypt. Minimum A/D 40+k, 500+ allies, with donations of 1 million+ daily or10+ blocks required. We will not tolerate non participating members. If interested PM causemanot ID 374-240-057 or buckshot ID 830-302-792 with your stats, a brief bio of yourself, your alliance ID, and what you hope to get and contribute to the faction.

Faction invite code 783-969-122

Building def - +15%
Infantry def- + 15%
Ground def- + 5%
Health regen- +5%
Air def- + 5%