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02-24-2013, 06:01 AM
I have been back active in the game/forums for a little over two weeks now and in an effort to try and be a good community member I have a suggestion.

Reading through these posts there is a theme reoccurring over and over again. A seemingly lack of communication on Gree's part pisses people off more then any actual problem with the game.

A simple way to help with this would be to create another forum much like they did with faction recruitment or I suppose a sticky would accompplish the same thing and make it a status page. Update daily/weekly/ or monthly at the most ( key is pick an interval and stick to it ). The page would relate things such as:

1) Hackers found and banned since last update / to date. I would post the names banned also but that may require a rule change in the terms of use.
2) Fixes into the game since last update, just general no need for tech details.
3) Staff added recently, like we got four new iOS software people working for us now. Again general numbers, title, areas to work on good enough but relevant a new intern is not worth while info.
4) Acknowledments, if someone does something that you give them 50G as a thank you let us know so we can say ty as well.
5) What else would you want to see?

Think about it if you report hacker X and then 2 weeks later you see X banned would you not feel stoked????
Or if you saw that a problem that was bugging you was fixed would be the same?

You check their corporate website in the states and you can see that they are infact looking for more staff and the other items have to be things they already internally track. Organizing all of it for dissemination would be a great task for the irrelevant intern listed above (they are looking for an intern btw).

Individually these are things that CJ comments on from time to time yes but the key here is regular updates being able to check something every week or whatever and see progress in the right direction is the over all goal.

Lastly lock the forum /thread no need for comments there its for info only keep the discussions here.

Having been the guy that has to do all this in a software company I know how easy the info is to get, so thats my two cents I think it could help. Have a good one all.

02-24-2013, 06:03 AM
Excellent Ideas!


No Retreat No Surrender
02-24-2013, 08:39 AM

Completely agree, I also have a web design, software company, We have two big news websites run with a small family team of just 3 staff.

I cant understand how Gree have got have got so much right, I don't play games, but here I am every day! the easy things are really bad, I put a support ticket in a week ago and its not even been looked at or assigned to anyone.

I would guess they must be losing a huge amount of new and existing players, real shame....

Your nearly there gree, sort out support and a few extra admins on here and your sorted, I reckon you could even get a few senior members to admin the forum for free ;)


02-24-2013, 08:53 AM
Great idea but at this time they are snowed under!

Good communication to ones customers is vital and since CJ has come aboard, things have improved but it could be better. The new faction functionality has created a huge backlog of tickets with all the issues found but over time as things improve, as it did between Brazil and Greenland with further improvements to be seen in Egypt no doubt, I am sure that once the dust settles, GREE support will be back on top of the tickets with acceptable response times. Hopefully then they will implement this idea to improve communications between GREE and their customers.

02-24-2013, 09:00 AM
Hey, I can work from home, Ill only take equivilant to what 2 pirates spend per week!