View Full Version : World Liberation Army has 2 spots open

02-27-2013, 03:13 AM
We had to kick a few non dedicated members so we have 2 spots open for joining us.

Facts about World Liberation Army:
Members 30/32
Top 1000 in first 2 events. Going for Top 500 in Egypt.
Health Regen: 14%
Infantry Def: 15%
Ground Def: 15%
Air Def: 10%
Sea Def: 5%
Building Def: 10%
Next up is Inf Attack which is quite close.

We are looking for dedicated daily playing lvl +50 member with more than 10,000 A/D and willing to donate minimum 8000 cash per player lvl a day as the rest of us do.

If interested our faction id is 757 322 919.

Doc Django