View Full Version : Republican Faction- 3 spots 25 of 28.

02-27-2013, 06:49 AM
Need to fill 3 more spots with the potential for 4 more. 25 of 28 spots filled with active members. We have been down this road twice now weeding out all the inactive members and we are nearing full strength for the next World Domination. We have placed Top 100 twice and we are predicting to be Top 250-500 with are recent additions. Victory is on our doorstep, join us!

Min requirements. 20K/20K attack/defense with a 200k IPH; will consider lesser stats.


14% Health regen
15% building def
5% air def
10% ground def
10% inf

With over 120 Mil in the bank, and over 80 fortifications of various levels.

Donations and participation is a requirement, gold is not a requirement; however, several of our members are gold users.

Send me a PM if your interested or if you have any further questions.