View Full Version : The Dark Price has caused a number of issues

GREE Official Updates
02-27-2013, 04:23 PM
It appears that the Dark Prince has hit several players with a number of issues. Our team is furiously working on a remedy that will be available in the next update. Sorry for the trouble and inconvenience this may have caused.

King Mark
02-27-2013, 06:39 PM
And thank u for being prompt in responding to our tickets and for keeping us updated. We're cooperating with your request of not submitting more tickets while u sort things out on your end. Hope these issues causes by The Dark Prince gets fixed by the developers soon =)

02-28-2013, 08:35 AM
Anything new about the Problem?

02-28-2013, 08:21 PM
Beware The Dark Price, wait for gems to go on sale.

03-13-2013, 10:34 AM
hi peeps anyone know why i just keep getting there is an error with your connection please check your settings..... so on...

i done the last patch and got in the game but ever since it loads the blue bar and says connection error. and goes no further than the load screen. tryed reinstalling tryed closeing tryed updating my ipad also tryed another connection nothing working....

any iders get back asap or sort it out GREE because im loesing Invade killing time on the bosses as i was rank 20 :(

sorry for post invade but i chould not creat a new thred for some reason.

04-08-2013, 12:43 AM
Beware The Dark Price, wait for gems to go on sale.

I hope new items will be on sale too. :)