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Mad Fusion
02-27-2013, 05:08 PM
Hi all. New and old players to the game. This is a really fun game that some of us have been playing for about three weeks. There does not seem to be any benefit to camping. The cool thing a out this game is you can have friends come to help you.

My code is xbb-fqb-pfb. We have limited friend space so i might not be able to add all. If you use my code or another players code as referal i think you can get an armor and the person's code you use will also get benefit. Gl and have fun all

03-08-2013, 05:31 AM
It is nice to see what this game has been moved from Gree/Iugo to Gree/Funzio.
I'm sure that we now will get better support and a real community.

Mad Fusion the game is way older when 3 weeks.
I was playing back in december 2012 while it was still under Iugo
Being used to Fuzio games, I started out camping and I had a Castle full of level 2 training camps after around a week of playing.

The cash was now comming in way faster when I could use it, so I just went mad in a weekend and did all the PvP and PvE attacks and fusions I had time for.
But my game was suddenly reset back to level 1 with nothing sunday afternoon.

I was leveling very, very fast and my starts as going up very fast too (the economy wasn't stopping me), so I guess my fast progress over a few days has triggered some kind of anti-cheat feature.
(The developers had not taken into account that some people played with camp-first-rush-later strategy)
I never got a answers from Iugo support and no one was commenting on my forum theads on Iugo's general forum (Iugo don't have dedicated forums for their games - Yes that is stupid)

I haven't played Knights & Dragons since.

Well maybe they have read my forum posts a few months later.
My first post in Iugo's general forum was a request for a dedicated Knights & Dragons forum.
We have that now :)
My second post on Iugo's general forum was actually a request for Iugo to ask Funzio (They are both Gree companies) for advice about some things that I was used to see in Funzio games that I did find missing in Knights & Dragons.
Well it is a Funzio game now, so many they have or will add those things now :)

I think I will try it again now that it has become a Funzio game.
At least I still have a change of getting the promo rewards in the other Funzio games for reaching level 3 in Knights & Dragons now that my game was reset.

It will be fun to see how the game has develop over the last few months after I dropped the game.

Mad Fusion
03-08-2013, 07:03 AM
Lol, you and your camping Fisk. It was nice to play a game again where i dont camp. Im still level 27 in monster quest, but very close to 100 now in knights and dragons. There are alot of players who has play for along time like yourself. Discopalace created A thread knights and dragons on the monster quest forum about 4 weeks ago. The thread is still going and thats when some of monster quest forum members like myself started. After about 400 plus post on that thread we had this forum. Hope to see you and other forum members dominate the pvp board. Gl and have fun all

03-08-2013, 08:28 AM
Glad to see you back, Fisk! And even posting on MQ forum too! :)

Are you sure K&D is a Funzio game now? It still shows up on the Iugo site. I think Funzio just created a forum for it because they're cool. And cuz we started chatting about it on the MQ forum. Or maybe the customer service people are shared?

03-08-2013, 08:35 AM
I went though 2/3 of all the maps in one weekend....
But my game got reset....so it will bee a while before I will be anywhere near the top of the leaderboard for K&D again
I already know the story since I have already been almost though it once.
I may only build up to level 3 for the rewards in the other Funzio game. (promo is out for KA and CC is seems, waiting for MW and MQ)
Too much work to get back where I was 4 moths ago and players that had keep playing in the mean time has to big a head-start now.

Mad Fusion
03-09-2013, 11:11 AM
The pvp board is not as strong as i woukd have thought. There are alot if players who have 5 weeks or more of a head start than me, but i can beat. There is about 15 out of top fifty that is tough. Rest is beatable or is from low tier which you can one shot. Its more of a grind to get top ten than anything. Hope to see you around still fisk here or in mq.