View Full Version : In Game Bullying

02-27-2013, 07:40 PM
First off...I haven't a problem with this myself, maybe due to my stats at my level, but I know others have. I also don't think I can be accused of it either.
That being said, if you keep getting hit by the same person over and over because your consistently over vault, I don't think that it's bullying. You're over vault, people want the gold for their guilds or their own upgrades. Stay under the vault cap awhile and I'm sure it will cease.
Now if someone is camping you and completely decimating your kingdom constantly...I mean your farms and cottages and everything...with no LTQ calling for it, then yeah...I'd say there's a problem.
Also...if you notice that members from the same guild are hitting you...this to could be either bullying or simply strategy if you are OV.
So here's your chance to vent and call people out.
Oh...and blood feuds between guilds are already on the rise...so it may not be personally directed at you but rather to what guild you're in.

Dexter Morgan
02-27-2013, 07:50 PM
It's not nearly as bad here as in cc. If I don't collect a building within 30 min of it being ready to collect it gets robbed lol. And usually by the same few people.