View Full Version : US Navy Chiefs-Top 1000 faction looking for 2 new players to help us get to top 500!

02-28-2013, 07:43 AM
US Navy Chiefs faction is recruiting! Faction code-768683955

We were in the top 1000 for brazil (around 800), and placed 656th in greenland, and that's with only about 1/3 of our faction actively participating and taking it easy the last day and a half. We dropped some dead weight and are still looking for 2 motivated, daily players who want to contribute to the team effort and share in the high returns from the next world domination event. We're hoping to make top 500 for sure, and hoping to make a run for top 250 as well! We do not require gold use, but do require daily participation/donations and motivated individuals who are able to fully participate in these battles.

Our current stats:
+14% health regen
+10% infantry defense
+5% ground defense
+5% air defense
+15% building defense
+12 guild member increase

Again, we are looking for motivated daily players only! 768683955 or PM me.