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03-01-2013, 09:51 PM
Had been semi retired from KA for a while, as the game was getting rather stale and increasingly purely gem centered.

The latest Guilds initiative seems to make it interesting again, at least to observe. Not so much even “guilding” per se, as the practice is rather common in gaming, including MW and CC, and the prizes/battles specifics are not even known yet, but all this guild creating frenzy, non battle guilds feuds, pre event strategizing, etc.

What is particularly interesting, at least IMO is the guilds creation process/development over time. The process appears to resemble planetary systems evolution in a way that accretion is more successful when some initial critical mass is there. When the major gravity pulls (the largest “planets”) are established/identified they tend to clear the space around them by attracting whatever is there (best players fitting their requirements), while leaving “debris” floating on the periphery.

Two caveats here:
1. To be at least somewhat successful in a multi-day grand battle event, any guild must have a critical mass of players online, making smallish guilds (anything below 22 – 24 members in total with an all time active core smaller than about 14-16, or more) rather unattractive (NB: Campers guilds and those consisting on lower level players have different objectives, than the most and are excepted from this analysis).
2. With membership increase bonuses priced progressively high, there is a law of diminishing returns in play here, making creation of mega size guilds to be prohibitively expensive. The largest size relatively high end guild I have seen anywhere so far was having 60 members slots with most large ones lingering way below that. Maximum “successful guild” size might increase in a future, but between now and the first KA battle event I would expect the largest guilds to stay at around 50 – 60 members and the rest of successful ones ranging in size between 26 and 42

Preliminary Conclusions/recommendations
If you are in a “critical size” and above round the clock active guild – enjoy!
If you are in anything smaller – particularly in “proto-planet” single digits entity – now is a high time to think of agglomeration – guild merging. There are literally hundreds of such smallish guilds out there – a virtual asteroid belt – they might be molded into something useful I guess.

Suggestion: starting “Guilds Mergers” thread in the “Guilds” page. Other suggestions/ideas are welcome

(Disclosure: at level 193, A/D around 360K/310K with IPH to match I don’t need most of the peace time bonuses myself, so I never joined anyone, nor created a guild myself. Will consider joining a good warring guild should event’s prizes be reasonably cool, provided that the space is still available :). Would be useful and active, provided no “mountains of gems” required)