View Full Version : #117 in greenland have 3 slots left for hlp, att/def min 50/50

03-02-2013, 08:17 AM
Must play daily
must post donations on faction forum
must participate in battle 60%
must have sense of humour

03-02-2013, 06:09 PM
Want to join a powerful faction we have these bonuses....Health regen +18%, Money building output +10%, Infantry defense +20%, Ground defense +15%, Air defense +10%, Sea defense+5%, Building defense +25%, Guild member increase +18.
And another 800 million in account saving for next bonus.

We have 2 places in faction for strong members,
Level 50 minimum
Minimum 1 mil a day donations,
active daily or preferred hourly players
must have IPH 250k+
Gold spenders preferred but not essential

300-356-124 US Federation

#388 in BFB