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03-02-2013, 07:53 PM
Is this quest for real? They want you to wear the basic fire armor only without any teammates and win 3 pvp fights while everybody is out wearing their super duper pumped up armors lol ? Did anybody else complete this quest?

03-02-2013, 08:04 PM
Hmmm, I just completed that one earlier today. It means win 3 PVP fights without any of your people wearing fire armor. You can have all three of your guys, they just can't wear any armor that has fire.

03-02-2013, 08:17 PM
Bahaha ok thanks Sunsfan1caw, because of every word in that sentence being capitalized and the formatting of the sentence I read it as two parts instead of one continuous sentence. Time to hit the arena...

03-02-2013, 08:34 PM
The third part is the worst, 5 wins over people within 50 of your rank. I'm currently rank 80 & never see people that low much less be able to beat them lol I've been keeping enhancements to a minimum while building training grounds.

Sol Invictus
04-17-2014, 10:38 AM
That's not how you do it, dillweed.

04-17-2014, 11:49 AM
This is my ninth one so 11 more to go

Me too. I need 14 more.

04-17-2014, 11:50 AM
I needed to do it quick. This was quick.

Now I need 13
Or is it 12.

04-17-2014, 08:16 PM
Sorry for the annoying spam i just needed to get to 20 posts

We report people who spam.

Thanks for being annoying to us all!

Lonestar Light
04-18-2014, 03:53 AM
We report people who spam.

Thanks for being annoying to us all!
hehe, he does it and is honest about it... and he gets reported.
Then another guy does exactly the same thing and nobody cares.
There's a lesson to learn here - let others take the bullet for you! :p