View Full Version : How to start private group?

03-04-2013, 12:38 AM
I am part of a faction right now and would like to start our own group. How would I come to do so? I remember seeing a board or directory that the factions have their own but I had to be accepted to even peek into their threads. How can I create one for my faction alone?

03-07-2013, 06:40 PM
Good question! I've been trying to do the same. Any luck?

03-08-2013, 12:52 AM
Go to community-->groups and click on the 'create group' button. The rest is pretty self explanatory. That is if u mean a group on the forums if course

03-19-2013, 02:22 AM
I believe you have to have 10 posts before you can join a group, thats why I am posting here :)

05-24-2013, 11:26 AM
Thanks, i asked myself the same question.
Until now. ;)

05-27-2013, 04:44 PM
You have to leave your existing faction and then you can make your own faction. Leave your faction is simple. Pres Information and on left bottom corner press Leave faction. Then go to meniu, press on Faction and then Create. Type in your new faction name and some initials or something in the second tab. Job done, you just created new faction.

05-31-2013, 10:29 AM
its hard to do it

06-03-2013, 09:30 AM
So ten is the magic number then!?!