View Full Version : Faction: GIANT KILLER (KLR) - Just Added 2 New Spots to 36 Members!!

03-04-2013, 07:52 PM
Faction: GIANT KILLER (KLR) Looking to continue our growth!

We’d like to add more strong and active players to our GIANT KILLER faction. In Battle for Greenland, we had 290,371 points and a 680 rank (up from 934 in Brazil). Our goal in Egypt is a Top 250. Please send me (Master P) a message or submit an request directly to the faction if you’re interested. Look forward to having you.

Battle for Greenland rank: 680 (290,371 WD points)
Battle for Brazil rank: 934 (217,370 WD points)
Members: 36 capacity with 2 open spots
Faction ID: 195-758-342
Leader ID (Master P): 330-105-756
----Also the Defense Leader with 142,309 Defense & Level 189.

--Guild Members +16 (36)
--Health Regen +14%
--Building Defense +15%
--Infantry Defense +15%
--Ground Defense +10%
--Air Defense +5%
--Sea Defense +5%

GIANT KILLER is a military Air Traffic Control call sign given to the controlling authority responsible for flight operations within restricted military airspace such as no-fly zones. The GIANT KILLER has the power to consent engagement of unauthorized flight within the area.