View Full Version : Have Fun // Progress // Well Ranked : 22 Special Air Service recruits

03-05-2013, 02:39 AM
Faction Code: 214 396 895
Having fun, Progress, well ranked: we recruit
Wants to join a faction, top1000 twice, targeting top250 where we enjoy the game, have fun, no daily requirements, as far as u donate and fight regularly, we just want to enjoy and progress, we have two more spots:
Faction Name: SAS Special Air Service
Health regen: 14%
Inf Def: 20%
Grd def: 10%
Air Def: 5%
Sea Def: 5%
Building def: 20%
Faction members: 34

To be homogeneous players average 30 or 40K att and def

Faction Code: 214 396 895
My ID: 811 091 822