View Full Version : Top 100 Faction Has ONE Opening

03-06-2013, 06:17 AM
OTS Faction (Top 100 WD) Has ONE Opening Left!

We have decided to ratchet down from heavy gold spending so are looking for a good player that won't mind a top 250 finish next time around.

There is NO REQUIREMENT to spend gold in OTS. There is NO REQUIREMENT for any minimum amount of donations. Just be an active daily player with decent stats for your level. Give what you can afford and have a good time in a nice easy going faction.

At the present time we need someone with approx 40/40+ A/D 250IPH

OTS Officer Training School
38 Member Faction
Health Regen +14%
Inf Def +15%
Ground Def +10%
Air Def +10%
Sea Defense +5%
Building Def +25%
Building Output +10%

Please PM me if interested with your stats.