View Full Version : Looking for top 100 faction

03-07-2013, 11:27 AM
I'm building my 2nd account
Level 56 46k att/ 40def still growing..
Iph 550k

Able to donate 5-10m daily..

Last battle 51k point

Pm me if u have spot for me.. Thx

03-07-2013, 04:20 PM
The delta crew are the best players from our old top 50 faction, we are a fun and friendly bunch who strive to do our best. We are searching for like minded strong players that don't mind spending some gold during a war. If you want to be with a winning team hit us up, thanks. 593-213-106

03-08-2013, 12:50 AM
Hows it going I lead a team of 12 and though we are not yet a T100 faction we came into the T600 with only 10. We have a few gold users but dont require you to use gold. We are looking for quality adds to the faction that are willing to give it there all during WDE. With your help we can make the jump to the top 100 for sure. Let me know soon. My ID is 561 432 643 and the faction code is 456 643 051. Thanks.

I am a cow
03-08-2013, 01:22 AM
Join us as we push towards the top 100 invite code 547 123 583

03-13-2013, 02:20 AM
Bump .. Still looking

03-15-2013, 07:43 AM
MERGER PROPOSAL: If you have a faction with member stats avg around 50k def-att or higher, consider joining us. We finished battle for Greenland ranked #98 and after dropping half a dozen non contributing memberwe will set a priority on expanding, above other bonuses. We are a cohesive team with now 2. We will respect your wishes and proposals, it takes 2 to tango! Our stats are below. we have Max out the defend n attack is built now. check it out if u dont believe it If interested, drop me a message! Merging is the quickest way to move into the top 100! we are a team of 58 slot member.

Faction name; The Real Kings
Faction ID; 125928554

join Nw

Casualty rate=20%;
Health= +30%,
Ground att= 25%
Air att= 20%;
infantry Att= 30%;
Sea Att= 20%
Building Def= +30%;
Building Output= +25%;
Guild= +38;
Infantry Def= +30%;
Ground Def= +30%;
Air Def= +30%;
Sea Def= +30%
and currently over many billion in our bank.