View Full Version : Top 250 Faction Recruiting for 2 last minute spots - Who wants +25% building output?

03-07-2013, 01:07 PM
Join the Best of the Best Faction 992-168-271

Faction: Best of the Best
Code: 992-168-271

We've been top 250 in both Brazil and Greenland

We have 36 Members and now 2 free slots

+20% Health regen
+10% Building output (Soon to be 15%, and when we win top 250 again in Egypt it'll be +25%)
+15% Infantry defense
+15% Ground defense
+15% Air defense
+15% Sea defense
+20% Building defense
+18 Guild members
And a fully functional faction website and forum, not to mention an app devoted to real-time faction communication during wars.

We are looking for daily players with high stats for their level and an income of over $500,000 per hour.

Also, we are looking for guns for hire. If you are in a camper faction, but would like to snag that extra 10% building output bonus, then don't miss out. Just join us for the event, no donations necessary, then simply head back to your camper faction afterwards.

As a bonus, you don't have to make any donations until the war is over, put all that into increasing your own stats. During non-war times we only require 7 million in donations per week, but you can donate as much past that as you like. I'd say that the best thing about our faction is not how well we do during the wars, but rather how committed the group is to making sure everyone improves every aspect of their game during the off-war seasons. Our forum has hundreds of posts dedicated to understanding the underpinnings of the game mechanics, and what can be done to increase one's IPH, attack, defense, allies, etc. in the most efficient and expeditious manner. We are a closely knit group of guys.

Send me a pm if you are interested.


03-07-2013, 03:34 PM
Now one slot left. Get it while it's hot.

03-08-2013, 02:29 AM
If you are wishing to play an active role in the Raid on Egypt and have very good stats, then add yourself to the Best of the Best Faction within the game and PM me here so I can guarantee you a place in our Top 250 team.

If our Faction states that we are full then please still apply to join as we will upgrade our guild for a possible 2 further places.

We have improved our team considerably since the last war so our target will be a Top 100 spot.

During this event we will not require money donations, just concrete!

06-07-2013, 09:09 AM
We have just a few places left for the March on Madagascar in BOTB. So if you are an active free/light gold player looking for a great Faction then join us: 992 168 271

06-07-2013, 10:49 AM
Only 15 minutes until the door closes as you can not join a faction during war! We're waiting to let you in and there is very limited spaces so come quickly!!! :p