View Full Version : It's not too late but time is running out - Mad Ox has only one slot left!!

03-08-2013, 09:55 AM
The MAD OX Faction (placed 5th in the last PvP & 24th in the Battle for Brazil). We expanded our membership and want to add active, high level players to our team. Requirements are 100k Att & Def, 200k IPH and willing to spend some gold when needed, (NO mimimum gold amount). We are a close knit, social group; our international members love to have fun and enjoy playing the game. If this sounds like a fit for you, please PM me.

To support our team, we have a web Site with News, Tips & Game Strategies.

Our current bonuses:

49/50 members
Casualty Rate Reduction 9%
Health Regen 26%

Infantry Attack 15%
Infantry Def 30%
Ground Attack 15%
Ground Def 20%
Air Attack 10%
Air Def 20%
Sea Attack 5%
Sea Def 20%

Building Def 30%
Building Cash Output 20%

03-12-2013, 10:06 AM
Citte - I am sorry for the delayed response. I usually don't check posts, hence my request to send me a PM (personal message).

I hope you did well in the Raid on Egypt. Thanks you for your interest in joining Mad Ox; unfortunately I have to decline your request. Because of our current membership, we normally face teams in the top 25, and as most Factions do, target the weakest player. The weakest player now becomes the "punching bag" for each battle, becoming even weaker. It is for this reason that we are only accepting new members whose stats are at least 100,000 in both Att & Def. You or anyone else would have a difficult time recovering, especially since Gree is not really giving anyone a chance to recharge. Please contact me again once your stats are closer to 100K. HMG