View Full Version : Money and Guns Syndicate Recruiting!

03-11-2013, 06:45 AM
Hello guys, Do you want to be apart of a top 10 winning syndicate? Well i have one for you! We have a few spots open and recruiting some big time players. We have no hacks and dont believe in hacking. We dont take donations because we have guys for that. We have our own website forums and we have very active players! Invite Code: 955-719-845

Player requirements:
Attack: 35k+
Defense: 40k+
Allies: 500+

Syndicate increase 40+
Fight Respect Payout: +25%
Jobs Payout: +25%
Car Attack: +20%
Car Defense: +25%
Building Output: +25%
Melee Attack: +25%
Melee Defense: +25%
Gun Attack: +15%
Gun Defense: +25%
Armor Attack: +25%
Armor Defense: +25%
Explosie Attack: +25%
Explosive Defense: +25%
Building Defense: +25%
HideOut Health: +25%
HideOut Damage: +25%
Influence Increase: +5%