View Full Version : Really? This can't happen!

03-11-2013, 05:58 PM
We ranked #500 in BfB, added 2 players then placed #250 in BfG. We added 4 more players for RoE. But team turmoil has moved us backward. We are around #300 right now. Our leader has chosen to leave. The team will remove another 3 players who "forgot to show up" for BfE. And we will increase our team by an additional 2 players. We want 6 good, active players, looking to help put us back above 250. Join us as individuals or as a group. Our stats:

38 member team (soon to be 40)
18% health regen
25% infantry defense
15% ground defense plus additional 5% for placing in top 250 in BfG
15% air defense
10% sea defense
25% building defense
15% building output
3% building upgrade time reduction for placing in top 250 in BfG
10%casualty reduction for placing in top 500 in RoE
Will continue adding attack and defense bonuses!

We are looking for players with a minimum 50k a/d and iph of 500k. Our rules: $3 million daily donation; must participate in events and be active; if unavailable must notify someone so we know you aren't a freeloader. Also, gold use is not required. Gold use is strictly a personal decision.

If interested faction id is 144-976-580. Or my ally id is 526-732-951. Add me, then contact me with questions, info. Positions will be available towards end of this week.