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Poops McGee
03-11-2013, 10:23 PM
We have several open spots in our faction which has placed top 200 in all three events. We have decided to part ways with players who did not improve between Greenland and Egypt. We ask that all members donate 20% of their daily income, participate in events, and be active in forums. If you are interested in joining please send me a PM with your A/D, IPH, and how many points you scored during Egypt if you were in a faction. Our current boosts are:

Health Regin +18%
Infantry Attack +5%
Infantry Defense +25%
Ground Defense +20%
Air Defense +15%
Sea Defense +15%
Building Defense +25%
Building Output +15%
Member Increase +20

03-12-2013, 01:54 AM
Hey poops, congrats on top 200 finish. I hope you're keeping well.

03-12-2013, 02:48 AM
Interestred to join!

Do have reports on donations and after war?

My stats:
ID: 686 163 292
Very active player over 11k fights won.
No gold spent on Egypt 15k points
Willing to spent 200-300 per war.
D: 55k
A: 57k
IPH: 300.000

Grtz, Georgi

03-12-2013, 03:27 AM
Originally hailed from original black ops by where we came 45th in Greenland then sat stale in some **** 4000th+ faction on last battle and desperate to get out.
I even created a forum I was that dedicated but didn't finish it as I knew it would be wasted.
Anyway stats are
F w-8035
F l-2326
Raids w-1072
Raids l-79
Allie mem-836
Allie att-60229
Allie def-64604
Inc per hour-528373

Points from last battle 119k

03-12-2013, 03:51 AM
Are you unhappy with your faction? Do you wish to be part of big group of
active members with great team work and friendly invironment? Join SJAMBEK
Only few openings left. We have 30 members and growing. We are looking for
Dynamic Individuals to join SJAMBEK. SJAMBEK is a group of strategic
individuals striving for the number one spot. You must be willing to donate
daily, fight hard and post in the forum regularly. We have 30 people
donating daily. Here are our stats.

Health Regen +9%
Infantry Defense +15%
Ground Defense +10%
Air Defense +5%
Building Defense +15%
Guild Member Increase +10

Invite Code is 621488750

03-12-2013, 05:31 AM
I am a level 66 daily player and most likely to be active on the forum

Allies-640 and growing
Free player could donate 1-2 mil daily