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03-12-2013, 11:34 AM
Now recruiting for THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS. My name is CAUSEMANOT and I am the leader of 11 DAILY PLAYERS. We started the faction because the lack of leadership in the previous war in which we ended up very badly beaten. In THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS we managed to succeed in 700-650 place with only 11 players. My goals are to recruit daily players who will participate, donate, and conquer. I donate a minimum of 10 million daily, buy the max gold, and I am an hourly player. I am a very active leader that gives feedback. WE fought 26 battles and lost none. Our team will not lose at any costs as you will see in the pictures. We are all serious players and hope more people to join the CAUSE. The group’s main focus is TEAM WORK. HERE are my stats and some pictures that you can see that we are serious players. IN ADDITION, WE WILL NOT MERGE WITH ANY GROUP, BUT IF YOU LIKE TO MERGE IN OURS YOU ARE WELCOMED…
The Replacement Killers

Leader CAUSEMANOT:: ID: 374-240-057
My stats:
# Of units 20284
Alliance attack: 64943 (rising)
Alliance defense: 58314 (rising)
Income per hour: 884017 (rising)

INVITE CODE: 783-969-122
Health regen: +5% (rising)
Infantry defense: + 15% (will rise to the max)
Ground defense: +10% (rising)
Air Defense: +5% (rising)
Sea defense: +5% (rising)
Building defense: +20% (rising)