View Full Version : 175 th in Egypt battle, have 2 openings to fill now

03-12-2013, 02:27 PM
We are faction District13.
We ended 175th in the battle for Egypt and just increased our guild to 40, and thus have 2 immediate openings!!!
You need to be a daily player, and ready to donate 3 million a day to the faction.
You will enjoy all the boosts we have gathered so far:
health + 18%
inf defense +30% attack +5%
Ground Defense:+20 %
Air Defense +15%
Sea defense +5%
Building defense +25%
Buiding output +10%
40 guild members

We have North American, European and an Australian member, and even one with a pink tree on his base:)
Join to our faction ... have fun.... contribute... and gain power!!!

District13 code 914106229