View Full Version : TEAM USA - 29th Egypt - looking for more FUN ACTIVE players!! (preferable Gold users)

03-12-2013, 02:45 PM

Team USA Faction Wants You! We're all very active & very friendly!

Non-Gold Users will be welcome if they can contribute more with cash donations (Higher IPH).

We also have our own Full Featured Forum for communicating better, etc.
Only our members can see our forum posts to avoid intruders.

We've placed: Egypt 29th, Greenland 58th, Brazil 94th.

US Time Zone preferred!
MUST BE VERY ACTIVE for Final Battles!
Attack/Defense Stats: 60k+
500+ Allies before Battle Event
Donate concrete & money: 8mil+ a day (most of us much higher then that)

1. Keep the game FUN and don't piss off your wife ..too much! A lot of us use the old diarrhea trick to get alone time in bathroom.
2. Daily donations of Bricks & 8mil or more. If you can't meet that mark but come close you can donate extra bricks.
3. Participate for the majority of each Country's Final Battle.

We have a Ton of Bonuses that we keep private and will share when you apply.

Please send me a PM with your Stats, Level and previous WD Points if your Interested in joining and I'll get back to you asap.