View Full Version : Usual Suspects: 3 Spots Open (top 100 x3...top 25 in Brazil)

03-14-2013, 04:28 PM
Usual Suspects is looking for a few good men (or women)!

We have three open spots and would love to pull in three members from the same faction if possible as a group package. Did your faction underperform in Egypt? Were you and a couple others carrying the whole team? If so join us!

- 48 members
- 45 bonuses
- Great team, very dedicated and loyal (have only lost 4 mbrs to other factions)
- Mild gold spenders (averaging vault per member)
- Avg $250m donations a day
- Enough concrete to build a small stadium
- Competitive and friendly (only boot people if they don't meet minimums below)

- Greater than 80k A/D stats (what you see)
- Ability to donate $3m per day minimum (we average well over $5m per mbr per day)
- Daily player and active on forums (we're a close knit group)
- Ability to throw in a little gold each war (we avg about a vault per mbr)
- Minimum number of attacks required per war (can be done without gold if neccessary)

Message me if interested!