View Full Version : VFF Alpha Top 25/10 faction

03-15-2013, 04:12 PM
-Minimum 100k/100k Stats
-Minimum 500k IPH
-Minimum 200+ Attacks a Day during PVP tournament
-Finally Players who are willing to be active, communicate and can put up big numbers during a WD event. Our average players are putting up Over 100k+ WD Points and want to increase that number!

We placed in top 25 for Brazil, top 10 in Greenland, top 25 in Egypt. We place based off of the prize. If the prize/bonus is good for top 10, then we will get top 10. Ie. Chinas top 10 unit. 5% air attack increase...to me,that's a horrible bonus,not worth the extra gold. Some will say but what about bragging rights? I say, what bragging rights...top 3 are the real podium finishes,no one cares who comes in afterwards.

Were looking for laid back, humor, insomniacs welcome. Gold during wd events a plus. PM me or any alpha member.

03-16-2013, 08:55 AM
Bumpity bump. Note : the minimums aren't negotiable. 100k minimum is for a good reason. In wd events , nearly all of our battles are against factions with people over 100k. So if you can't beat any of them, that does our faction no good at all.