View Full Version : Join up with some bad a$$ Mama Jamas

03-16-2013, 07:52 PM
Ok there are a couple thousand syndicates out there and we all are cool., No one Cares. We are here to talk about Deadly Sinners. We where lucky enough to have several old forum members and high rollers in our ranks before they split to other crews. So we have almost all of the bonuses. Yeah thank you THC and fellow forumites. I stuck it out and will continue to do so. Basically if you want to get down on higher bonuses than your average syndicate, have 2mil+ a day to donate, and are lvl 100+ get the f*ck over here. You like trolling? Cool I do not care. Serious about CC? Cool I do not care. Welcome to Deadly Sinners.


Fight Respect: 25%
Jobs Payout: 15%
Car Defense: 25%
Building Output: 25%
Melee Attack: 15%
Melee Defense: 25%
Gun Defense: 25%
Armor Attack: 15%
Armor Defense: 25%
Explosive Attack: 5%
Explosive Defense: 25%
Hideout Health: 5%
Syndicate Increase: +2
Retard Defense: None