View Full Version : Top 250 *Restructuring*

Need Mafia
03-18-2013, 05:07 AM
Rank 205 Syndicate is restructuring. We intend to be top 100 next time around.

Membership criteria:

Level 1-19 Any welcome. Purpose is to drive down our stats average. Maximum of 5 players within this level range. These members have immunity to all other rules until they reach level 20.

Level 20-120 Must have 20,000 defence or more.
Level 121-174 N/A.
Level 175-200 Must have 60,000 defence or more.

Every member must have at least 499 mafia. If you are less than level 100, you must have 5 x (Your level) of mafia members.

Each member must contribute $3,000,000 every day. Each Brick donated counts as $200,000 towards the required $3mill daily contribution.

During the event. Each member will be required to bring in no less than 15,000 influence.

Join now: 770-762-561

*Those who do not fulfil the requirements will be removed immediately. Add me in the case you are removed and would like to appeal 774 067 047.