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03-18-2013, 11:52 AM
"Welcome New Employee! Today is the first day of the rest of your GREE-life. You are part of our family now, & our top priority is to support our family members. GREE is a very large family & it may be required of you to make sacrifices of yourself & others; but in return you will receive the greatest gift of all.

The GREE Family In-Home Slogan:
Way Too Free!
Our Games are accessed by millions of players. If we have millions of CFPs, GREE cannot support its family, & NEVER forget, YOU are our family. Our Father requires a lot of support, as does his immediate family, & if you support them, they will support you. What's $10 x 1million? Now subtract 500 CFPs, & multiply by the 10 people that spend $100, then add the 2 people who spend $1000. What do you get?
Lets leave the mathematics to the Accounting department.

You're Position: Forum Moderator
We pride ourselves here at GREE on our communication, & have developed certain guidelines to aid you. As a Forum Moderator, you are a key instrument in communication. From the very top of the pyramid (Our brilliant CEO: Yoshikazu Tanaka) to the very bottom (17&under Completely Free Players, CFPs), you are the electric current of communication. You are integral in discovering, via Players, exploits, hacks, cheats, & above all, Required Nerfs, RNs.
We take RNs very seriously here at GREE. Game Developers are only human & sometimes something is "Overpowered". We disdain the word Overpowered here at GREE, & we hope you come to abhor the word as much as we do. We want everything balanced; at one w/ another. If someone discovers a free way to become "Overpowered, things become uneven; this is unacceptable. We live in a survival of the fittest, & you must pay for the privilege of being Overpowered. That is how we maintain balance, when CFPs can become just as powerful as the person buying Gems, why continue to buy Gems?

This is where 'GTFOS 'comes in!
Gree is Thinking Financials Over Service
The GTFOS were designed solely with the Family in mind. CFPs are devious entities that care nothing for you or your brothers & sisters @ GREE. They want the developers to do their bidding & give nothing in return. GREE does not work that way, we support our Family. Now onto the specifics:

Maybe I'll add more later lol, if I don't get banned or deleted anyways. Already late for work having typed it all on my phone.

My point was to get CJs attention. We need to start demanding patch notes & changes as a community. Every game has basic design flaws that others don't! These need to be identified & the dev teams put in touch w/ each other.
How many people actually work on a team to design these events, or the armor & boss for KD?
MQ: Needs Gem Spend Confirmation off the top of my head. I could write a paragraph on the exponential ripple effects this would have.

03-18-2013, 12:19 PM
Brilliantly written man! :D