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03-18-2013, 04:46 PM
Just trying to fill our faction with active players. Top 4000 probably be close to top 2000 this time. Mostly low level players. Good bonuses and we all donate daily. Taking our time and growing together.

03-18-2013, 09:09 PM
Samuraiís Sword

- We are looking for daily committed players.

Here are F.U.C.'s bonuses after our first 6 days after we formed.

Health Regen +5%
Infantry Defense +10%
Ground Defense +10%
Building Defense +10%
11/20 members (Most are level 90 with 15K attack/defense)

We are looking for daily players with high stats for their level. At minimum we would like to see 15,000 attack and defense. It is also required that each person can commit to a minimum of 15,000 points during each war.

During non-war times we only require 5 million in donations per week. Gold spending is optional.

Not only do extremely well during the wars, but we are committed to making sure everyone improves every aspect of their game during the off-war seasons.

If you're tired of your current faction, this is the faction to join!!

If you are interested shoot me a PM with your level, attack, defense, and IPH either here or send me an ally request and we can talk there as well.

Robby 993845305
Recruitment officer

El Gator 738250414
Faction leader