View Full Version : Looking for Low Level Players that want to FIGHT

03-19-2013, 04:34 AM
The 265th ASA Company (faction ID 922 381 800) is looking for 6-8 low level players (level 20-70) who like to mix it up during the upcoming China event. We don't require daily donations or a long-term commitment -- we only ask that you contribute to the fighting.

We are a training faction. If you join up and do well, you grow stronger. When you get strong enough, we recommend you to a Top 100 faction that we work with. In the meatime, you get helpful hints and practice at WD events.

Currently, the faction bonuses include

Health Regeneration +10%
Infantry Defense +10%
Ground Defense +5%
Building Defense +15%

We finished 2,650th during Greenland with 2 players. We finished 1,399th during Egypt with 6 players. With a dozen players willing to FIGHT, we can crack top 1000, but that's just a bonus. The goal is to build up members for the Top 100.

If you join, you are expected to show up to fight during China. We battle continually, and when you have health and time, you are expected to jump in, drop a load on a rival faction member, and then come back when you have health again.

No gold. No daily contribution. Just a spirit of aggression and a desire to perfect your skills before moving on to the Big Show.