View Full Version : After NEW members for long term faction

03-19-2013, 12:23 PM
Hello there

Im looking for people to join my faction which ive had from day 1, in the first 2 battles we came 453 and 417 respectfully, but on the last one we came just inside the top 1000???? with a full faction

so i removed all dead weight yet again and am now searching new long term members to join my faction for the long run regardless of final finishing position,

there are just a few things you need to do tho to join

1. to have 500 or more allies
2. to have over 20k defence
3. to take part in any battles we enter
4. to donate
5. to be prepared on spending some time in just 1 faction,

A list of our current bonuses

Health Regen +14%, Infantry def +20%, Ground def +15%, Air def +10%, Sea def +5%, Building def +20%, Building output +10%, Guild member increase +14

if your interested then please go on and add 117-604-740