View Full Version : NYC Crime City-Rank of # 165-we want you if you're active and strong for your level

03-20-2013, 06:35 PM
We didn't sell ourselves as elite, but with some strong day round effort from lots of members, we finished at #165 with about 32 players. We're not task masters, but we have active players that enjoy building our syndicate, and it shows with our results. We cleared out the dead weight following the battles, and are excited to see what we can do next. We're looking for players with strong stats for their level-low level, high level, we'll give you a shot if you can be active and involved.

PM me if you're interested in joining and I can provide you an invite based on your stats. If you'd like to just send in a request to join, you can do do so with our invite code of 877-659-252.

Current bonuses as follows:

Fight Respect: +25%
Car Attack:+5%
Car Defense:+25%
Building Output:+25%
Melee Attack:+15%
Melee Defense:+25%
Gun Defense: +25%
Armor Attack:+15%
Armor Defense: +20%
Explosive Attack:+10%
Explosive Defense:+20%
Building Defense:+25%
Hideout Health:+5%
Syndicate increase: +16

Look forward to hearing from you.