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03-20-2013, 08:43 PM
Looking for new recruits ...join our faction

Soul Collectors [SC1] ranked 3,050 in the last event with only 3 players. Our guild is built for 24 and we currently have 5 players. Gold is not required. Donations are not required (Note: Donating only allows the faction to obtain better bonuses). Some team members donate what they can afford as low as $50K daily. No Free Loaders. Must be an active player. Must donate bricks.

INVITE CODE: 515-687-267


Only active players need to respond!!!!

Health Regen: 9%
Infantry Defense: 15%
Ground Defense: 10%
Air Defense: 5%
Building Defense: 15%
Guild Member Increase: +4

Requirements: Donate ALL bricks found. See stats below.

03-21-2013, 09:07 AM
We are a Very VERY active faction that keep in touch via email & text messaging. There are currently 8 of us now and we are pretty tight. Most of us check the game every hour. We finished 2063 in the battle of Greenland & 1438 in the raid on Egypt. We are currently looking for other members that want to have fun & still be competitive. Our upgrades are as follows...

Health Regain: +22%
Infantry Defense: +20%
Ground Defense: +10%
Building Defense: +20%
Building Output: +15%
Guild Member Increase: +4

Email me at MWRecklessSID69@gmail.com or send a request at 888516284 if you want to join!!! Looking forward to hear from you.


03-21-2013, 12:27 PM
bump it up.. had to update the faction stats