View Full Version : Faction with a few GREAT players!!! Looking for more!!!

03-21-2013, 02:14 PM
We are a Very VERY active faction that keep in touch via email & text messaging. There are currently 10 of us now and we are pretty tight. Most of us check the game every hour. We finished 2063 in the battle of Greenland & 1438 in the raid on Egypt. We are currently looking for other members that want to have fun & still be competitive/active. Our upgrades are as follows...

Health Regain: +26% (MAXED)
Infantry Defense: +20%
Ground Defense: +10%
Building Defense: +20%
Building Output: +20%
Guild Member Increase: +4

Email me at MWRecklessSID69@gmail.com or send a request at 888516284 if you want to join!!! Looking forward to hear from you.


03-21-2013, 03:17 PM
WE WANT YOU! Faction SSS. 387-562-988
+10% bldg $ output, +18%health, +25% bldg def,
+16 guild member, +15% Air defense, +15% Ground defense, +25% Infantry defense, +10% Infantry attack, +5% Ground attack, and +5% Sea defense. Apply only if you're active/generous like we are.

LETS COMBINE FACTIONS. We have 37 players and 40 slots. Top 1000 in Egypt. Message If interested