View Full Version : The Triax Syndicate (open spots for join or merge)

03-21-2013, 03:49 PM
The Triax Syndicate

Looking for new members or other syndicates to merge!

Ranked just outside 500 in Battle for Midtown

We offer you:
•Experienced players willing to advise you how to build your hood and stats
•Social fun with members from around the globe
•Syndicate bonuses
•A private group to talk outside of the game

What we'd like:
•Daily Active Players
•Free or Gold Players
•Cash Donations
•Brick Donations
•Participation in Events

How to apply:

1: PM me the following

Include the following:
CC Name
Current Level :
Current Attack/Defense:
How Many Points You Contributed for Battle for Midtown:
Time Zone:
What You Can Offer Us:

From this point, your application will be reviewed and voted on by members of the syndicate.

We will then get back with you, good or bad, and let you know what our decision is.

Our Goal is to improve everyday and with every event. Come join us!

If you're a syndicate that missed out of where you think you should've been, feel free to let us know and we'll see if a possible merger is right for us. You must have the same ideas and goals as us as a team.