View Full Version : Bad Blood Rising (BBR): Blowing the Roof off

03-22-2013, 12:24 PM
Syndicate Name: Bad Blood Rising
Syndicate Ambition: Always been Top 100
Group Type: Mixed lot, free to gold spenders (no gold requirement, hence our ambition of Top 100)
Looking for: Active, contributing and dynamic players that want to be engaged with the events and a diverse group of folks.

Current Ranking:
* 16th in the Midtown Event
* 17th in the PvP

We ran both events without having a full roster.

Looking for :
* Levels 100 - 160 with 75k+ A/D actual stats & 500k+IPH
* Low level players with high stats for your ranking
* High IPH players; jump in and help us get that influence maxed out

Bonuses Purchased:

93 (highlight is influence at 20%...working on 25% now)

Never a dull moment on our forum board. Active participants that want to have a great time are a must though. :)

No gold requirement or buy-in required. Dedicated players that want to be involved in a team building experience of Syndicate adventure. Get in on the ground floor of a fantastic opportunity! If you don't quite fit our requirements, send a pm anyways. We're a rowdy bunch for sure.

If you'd like to be part of the madness, then come on over!

PM TRAZ or DvD with your information:
* mafia code
* game name
* level
* stats
* location
* platform type you play on
* screenshot of Midtown event points