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03-22-2013, 08:16 PM
Our syndicate name is Mafiawars. We accept all that are active. Currently we have 23 members out of 42. We look to be top 1000 or greater. These are our bonuses.

+25% Melee Defense
+25% Building Defense
+25% Gun Defense
+25% Car Defense
+25% Armor Defense
+25% More Respect From Fights
+25% Building Payout
+20% Explosive Defense
+20% Hideout Health
+20% Job Payouts
+15% Armor Attack
+10% Melee Attack
+10% Hideout Damage
+5% Car Attack
+5% Explosive Attack
+5% Influence Increase
+22 Syndicate Increase

Come join us now. 561 052 598

03-23-2013, 02:43 AM
hi everybody !!!!! Are you ready for battle ????? We have 5 spots free !!!!

If you are looking to join for strong syndicate let me know..... We are Y.O.L.O syndicate top 100/ #76 of rank........We have almost done all bonuses.......and are looking for people to be active in battles and the events too....We are only daily players!!!!! GOLD or no gold spenders are welcome

If you are interested then send me a PM please !!!!!