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03-23-2013, 10:11 AM
I apologize if it's inappropriate to post KA stuff in your MW forum, but some MW players in our guild suggested I do so.

There may be quite a few of you MW players also seriously playing KA and are looking for good guilds to join but haven't looked in the KA forums.

Lords of Virginia is recruiting.

and no, you dont have to be from Virginia to join.

the name actually reminded me of the movie John Carter (those who've watched it will get the reference)

right now the guild is 25/28 members

based on how we expect the guild wars to be set up, there is a certain strategy involved in how we set up the guild, and we can discuss with members after they join.

The guild is based on active players who enjoy the game, want to be successful, and arent interested in the bs and politics of some other guilds.

the guild will help high stat players increase their stats (for those of us with max dragons, the only way to increase stats now is item drops from farming and indestructible units from events, and now... guilds)

the guild will help low stat players grow and develop (odds are the lower stat players simply havent played as long as some of us)

we already have bldg. reduction and bldg. cost updgrades, several walls in preparation for the first guild wars, and gold banked for more upgrades.

right now I'd estimate that our avg lvl is 120+ and our avg A/D is 150k/150k

PM with me interest

or, invite code is 756470120



03-23-2013, 10:13 AM
this is what this forum needs, maybe start recruiting for crime city also in here?