View Full Version : Campers wanted!!! Big bonuses!!!

03-23-2013, 12:02 PM

Want the Bonuses without having to participate in World Domination Events? Want to have protection while you build or rebuild? Here’s the place.

Right now we are a CAMPING FACTION only!! We don’t sit around and bond and sing kumbaya. We are here for one simple reason—collect $$$ and buy bonuses. Stay as long as you like and go when you are ready. There are no gold requirements or battle plans to worry about—just camp, contribute, and build!

The $1M/day minimum donation gets you:

Defense Building Defense 30%
Infantry Defense 30%
Ground Defense 30%
Air Defense 30%
Health Recovery Time 22%
Infantry Attack 15%
Ground Attack 10%
Air Attack 5%
Sea Defense 25%
Building Output ($$$) 20%
Casualty Rate 14%

Send a PM if you are interested. Provide your level, IPH, and what your building/rebuilding objectives are.