View Full Version : Ranked within the top 25 in Midtown battle recruiting now

03-24-2013, 08:06 AM
Are you tired of carrying your syndicate to top 100-4000, did you spend gold to place top 100-4000 and no one else contributed. Do you feel like your the only contributor while other players do nothing and get great items for doing nothing? If this is you, its time to get out of that syn AND JOIN US.

The syndicate I represent placed in the top 25 and with your assistance we hopefully can place top 10. We are a great syndicate looking for ACTIVE PLAYERS with great stats. WE HAVE 103 OUT OF 105 BONUSES complete. 95% of the syn is level 100+. Lets face it, Gold play a major factor to get within top 1-25, I did not expect to give but I did because I am loyal to my syn, so please be able to give gold because majority of the syndicate does. If you meet the criteria and feel this is a syn you want to be in, PM ME.