View Full Version : Level 34 Attack 21k Def 23.5k UNBOOSTED 25k CC points

03-24-2013, 08:13 PM
Left my syndicate due to glitchers we finished top 100... I contributed over 25k in points that includes attacking hideouts and power attacking DL. I check the game every 20-30mins guess I'm addicted lol... After next boss event my stats will be a lot better

Stats without boosts
Level 34
Attack 20.5k
Defense 23.2k
IPH 59k

Skill points
Attack 23
Defense 50
Stamina 14

I don't spend gold except for the free gold at tapjoy which I save for the war... Looking for a group that is active organized and likes to have fun... I don't do jobs I only attack during events basically a smart player always looking to get better...